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Being a parent gives me many opportunities to fail.

I can fail for not getting the breakfast dishes cleaned up before lunchtime. Or because one of my children refuses to give a grandparent a cuddle goodbye. Or sometimes even when my child refuses to walk up the stairs. And I regularly fail for being late.

In my career I was used to having agreed upon KPIs for performance. These days KPIs are arbitrary and depend on how tough I’m being on myself.

Most days I’m rushing to meet the KPI’s that I think I need to achieve. “By 9:30am I need to have the kids and myself fed, dressed and happy, the kitchen cleaned, have had some one on one play time with each child and have baked and iced cupcakes for our guests”.

The reality is that I regularly don’t meet my goals. Most days I have to skip a few steps… “ok I can do the cupcakes but I can’t clean the kitchen”. The reality is also that no one would usually know, or care.

I’m slowly learning to lower my expectations in terms of what I can achieve in a day and I’m trying to focus on the things that actually matter. But I’m yet to lower the expectations I have of my kids.

I expect them to be well behaved, to be respectful and to be nice human beings. I also (perhaps wrongly) expect them to have some simple logic skills and to know basic right from wrong. And they usually do. Except when we have people over, or go out, or when I really really need them to be good.

But as I do often say to my 3 year old, he is still learning and that is ok. I just need to accept that too.

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  1. gerrod Says:

    I know what you mean Lou, I often think that O should be able to understand basic logic and then am amazed that he doesn’t make logical decisions! All in good time I guess…

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